KLBT is a non-profit listener-supported, contemporary radio station serving Southeast Texas.  We are owned by you (our listeners and supporting partners) and operated by The King's Musician Educational Foundation. 

The King’s Musician Educational Foundation (TKMEF)–nondenominational organization that desires to be obedient to Jesus Christ, to strive to evangelize the lost, disciple the saved, promote unity within the body, and facilitate the worship of our Lord and Savior through the use of contemporary Christian music.  The ministry involves concert promotions, supporting local Christian radio stations and promotions that activate the body of Christ for ministry. It is a 501c3 that was formed in 1984. The presiding president is Leslie Jones. 


Jeff Roberts           

Our on air Spam eating radio broadcasting guru, host of the Morning Smile show (airing weekdays 6am-9am), program director, music director, voice of KLBT, and generally anything else The King's Musician Educational Foundation Board of Directors can come up with.  Jeff spends his spare time trying to keep with with his granddaughter out on Roberts Ranch in beautiful east Texas with his lovely wife,  and an occasional stray dog.



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     In September 2001 92.5 KTFA went off the air. TKMEF board spent much time in prayer for God’s direction and felt unanimously that God wanted a non-profit station in this area and wanted the board to accomplish His will. We began broadcasting on the internet at www.myklbt.org and the search began for a frequency. We were told over and over there were no frequencies available and if there were we couldn’t afford it and didn’t have the know how to go about accomplishing it HOWEVER we knew this was God’s project and He would show us the way.

     We approached 3 different executives about purchasing frequencies and were told NO over and over again. One of the executives was Carl Aul who would not respond AT ALL (we sent certified letters every other month, called every few months, & NOTHING!) Our support dwindled down to $1300 monthly and from all respects we should have just given up; HOWEVER we would meet regularly and spend that time in prayer looking for God’s direction - each time we would unanimously agree - God wanted us to move forward – He would give us a frequency.

     Of course, only as God can do, an unexpected call came from 89.3 KSBJ in Houston. Carl Aul had contacted KLOVE, KLOVE had contacted KSBJ, KSBJ knew about us because of Buddy Holiday (founding employee of KSBJ) and consultant to TKMEF board and who told KLOVE to connect us with Carl Aul. Mr Aul of course said no….Until God got a hold of him. He accepted our offer and our terms.

     Our next step was to find the perfect place for the tower. We hired a survey team, they presented the best place to reach our area, and WE OWNED THE PROPERTY (a board member had purchased it many years earlier). Then the next step was to clear the land and the bids we received were beyond our budget; HOWEVER God had already gone before us and we got a call from Trinity Excavating that God had told them (the owners) to clear our land and do it for free!

     At this point we were on our way but very much behind schedule. HOWEVER due to Hurricane Rita the government gave us an extension and we literally signed on the air minutes before the deadline - 4:55pm on August 17, 2006. Our great God continues to do miraculous things for His glory through 88.1 KLBT…