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My son

Salvation of family

​​Wanda - my daughter's decision about her sexuality

Edmund - Pray for Poland (freedom for religion, Church of US (wake up), wife Dorothy, daughter Ann (husband), sons Peter (God's direction) & Daniel (school), my work

Williams family

Buxton Family

Haney family - job situation

Financial breakthrough

Fathers to be who they need to be

Soldiers in warzones


Those fighting cancer

Belinda P

Maria with MS

Felipe, Guadalupe, Mayra, & Arpaldo

​Toby - sell house

Joshua, Kenneth, Gabe

Brittany, Vangie, Scott

Sarah's - stress and finances for family​

​Protection for a christian from an abusive, unsaved family

Spiritual Impact Mar 8

Ashley & Greg - high risk pregnancy and newlywed

LeBlanc family - lost home to fire and lost mother

Alexander family - need to find home

Gingerbug - chihuahua - slipped disk

Jaime's health and peace

​Pam's family for home and jobs

Darlene - provision and restoration of her marriage

​Jillian - family

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